Share photos and videos — Fast!

No matter where you are

"If I want to share content with someone sitting right next to me,
why must I struggle with an Internet link to a remote web server?"

— traveler


User Experience

ButtonNet helps you increase value-added sales revenu.

ButtonNet fosters socialization among your guests and helps them to visualize your offers.

ButtonNet Albums

Rich story-telling features

Flexible layout and caption capability help tell stories.

Quick and Easy

With ButtonNet Album Builder, you can make an album in an hour.

Cloud Upload Option

Optionally, you can upload the albums to the cloud.

Online Brochures

You can show your latest offerings to your guests.

ButtonNet Lounge

Watch on a large monitor

Enjoy watching photos and videos on a large external monitor.

Increase revenue

By encouraging your guests to get together during off-activity hours, you will have more opportunities to increase revenue.

Remote control by phone

Navigate photos and videos using your phone.

Rekindle excitements while still hot

By watching and talking about the fresh experiences, your guests will be reinforced with excitements that you facilitated.

Videos to lean more

Easy Upload

Easy Share

Canon Camera Support

Pilot Program

Do you see an immediate value for ButtonNet features? You might be interested in our free pilot program. Here is the deal:

We will loan you a ButtonNet server and help you setup. Then we listen eagerly while you describe your experiences. The pilot will last for three months but installations that meet certain usage and feedback criteria are eligible to keep it forever.

If you live in San Francisco Bay Area and would like to participate, hit that email button below.