ButtonNet Server

A local Web Server that fits in your pocket.

ButtonNet Local Web Server

Local Web server - in a small body

It's a web server installed in a small reliable computer with no moving parts. You can communicate with it from various devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphones.

It currently uses Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) running Ubuntu (Open Source Linux system).

Raspberry Pi CM4 provides a small form factor, high computing power and low power consumption.

Flexible to add virtually any applications

The ButtonNet server runs on Ubuntu (Open Source Linux System).

Ubuntu provides flexibility and expandability for applications.

We developped our own media sharing application based on our traveling experiences. It was very hard to share photos and videos among fellow travellers sitting next to each other at a dining table due to the limited Internet bandwidth at the facility. We thought it should be much easier.

Then, we heard some needs in schools in some Internet craving countries. We built an educational application by adding a Kids-safe Wikipedia, open-source text editor, open-source spread sheet and open-source science simulation applciation on the ButtonNet server.

We think we can build any custom web-based applications based on your needs, quickly and inexpensibly.

Two Wifi radios built-in

The ButtonNet server comes with two Wifi radios. Two Wifi radios offers:

  • A local private Wifi network among various Wifi devices, e.g. computers, tablets, and phones
  • Connectivity to the Internet through the existing Wifi router connected to the Internet in the proximity

In other words, ButtonNet can be the sole Wifi network at your place connecting devices within the facility. ButtonNet can also connect to the existing network while it can communicate with other devices with its extra Wifi radio if you already have a Wifi network in place.

Low power usage - it can run on batteries

The ButtonNet server can run with a battery pack (not included) for long because it's power consumption is low.

Even if you experience frequent power outage, you can still use web-based applications installed on the ButtonNet server locally.

Easy to install

You don't need to have an IT staff to install ButtonNet.