Media Share

Share photos and videos fast and easy, independent from the Internet speed.

Online Brochures

Do you have a binder that desribes restaurants and activities that your guests might enjoy?

App Branding

Imagine your logo stays on your guests' phone even after they leave.

Activity Map

It's a map that shows your own experiences.

Share photos and videos — Fast!

No matter where you are

"If I want to share content with someone sitting right next to me,
why must I struggle with an Internet link to a remote web server?"

— traveler

Media Share

ButtonNet fosters socialization among your guests by providing faster and more pleasant media sharing experience.

They are encouraged to spend more time in the common spaces, such as a lobby, bar and restaurants.


Album Builder

Internet Independent

It works even when the Internet access is not reliable.


Sharing is done in the Wifi speed, i.e. FAST!!


It's as easy as select and slide.

Quick and Easy

With ButtonNet Album Builder, you can make an album in an hour.

Rich story-telling features

Flexible layout and caption capability help tell stories.

Cloud Upload Option

Optionally, you can upload the albums to the cloud.

Online Brochures

Update your photos and videos to show your current offerings with a fraction of the cost of updating the website.




Food and Restaurants




Sight seeing





Reduce cost

Update the information with a fraction of the cost of updating the website.

Increase revenue

Increase value-added sales oportunities by showing your updated offerings before and after your guests' arrival.

Make it vivid

Your guests will easily visualize you and your partners' offerings.

Quick, easy and always accurate

Updates are very quick and easy with ButtonNet. The conents will be always accurate.

App Branding

Your guests use the ButtonNet App to share their photos and videos with others.

Brand the ButtonNet App with YOUR LOGO and images.

Your logo

Your Logo as a Phone Launch Icon

This is particularly great with Online Brochure or albums uploaded to the Could.

Your clients remember you each time they see your logo on their phone.

Activity Map

The map displays your own experiences in addition to the regional attractions.

Map View with Standard markers

Encourage your guests to engage in various activities while they are in your area.

Satelite View with Standard & Custom markers

Keep memories of the experiences with locations.

La Fortuna Map View

ButtonNet Lounge

Watch on a large monitor

Enjoy watching photos and videos on a large external monitor.

Increase revenue

By encouraging your guests to get together during off-activity hours, you will have more opportunities to increase revenue.

HDTV support

ButtonNet Lounge works with High-definition TV.

Rekindle excitements while still hot

By watching and talking about the fresh experiences, your guests will be reinforced with excitements that you facilitated.

Pilot Program

Do you see an immediate value for ButtonNet features? You might be interested in our free pilot program. Here is the deal:

We will loan you a ButtonNet server and help you setup. Then we listen eagerly while you describe your experiences. The pilot will last for three months but installations that meet certain usage and feedback criteria are eligible to keep it forever.

If you live in San Francisco Bay Area and would like to participate, hit that email button below.