ButtonNet is a local web server with custom contents pre-installed.

Online education will NOT be affected by the poor Internet quality.



Various Wikipedias (e.g. Geo, Physics) allow your students to learn from the subject-matter experts, worldwide.


Interactive Simulations

ButtonNet brings interactive simulations developped by University of Colorado Boulder into your classroom. https://phet.colorado.edu/


Online Books

ButtonNet brings open books and textbooks. It's far more convenient and economical than buying paper-based books for every student.


Class Videos

You can record your own class for students who missed the classes.



Session video album creation tool

Capture your class sessions in video and make them available to students who were unable to attend real-time. The album can be also used to plan and improve your own classes in future.

Spread sheet

Keep classes and students status updated

Text editor

Create class materials, and print out if necessary

Class album creation tool

Make class photo albums for students to remember their friends and achievements

How does ButtonNet do it?

The secret is in a small box in the building with you.

A tiny Web/Application/Media server

It's an application server with education applications installed in a small reliable computer with no moving parts.

Two Wifi radios built-in

ButtonNet can be the sole Wifi network at your location. It can also connect to your existing Wifi network, if you aralready have one in place.

Low power usage - it can run on a battery pack

If the electricity at your location is unstable, you can still run the ButtonNet education apps using a battery pack for long.

Easy to install

You don't need to have an IT staff to install ButtonNet.

Pilot Program

Do you see an immediate value for ButtonNet features? You might be interested in our free pilot program. Here is the deal:

We will loan you a ButtonNet server and help you setup. Then we listen eagerly while you describe your experiences. The pilot will last for three months but installations that meet certain usage and feedback criteria are eligible to keep it forever.

If you live in ------ Area and would like to participate, hit that email button below.